Soothing All-natural Tea

Thieves essential oil blend is famous for it's germ fighting ability and maintaining a healthy immune system. If you haven't heard of Thieves blend I will briefly explain, it's AWESOME! You can even google some cool experiments people have done with it. This oil blend has supported my whole family's immune system over the last year and now that winter is among us, I can see the difference it has made in our health.

I LOVE this recipe with Thieves and Lemon, it's so perfect for the winter season. Plus, it's super easy to make! When you even get a hint of feeling crummy, no matter what it is, make this tea and you will be thankful. It's a little on the spicy side, so I sweeten it to help balance. Make sure you only get one drop or it will be super spicy. That's when you split it into two cups and dilute the remainder. Enjoy!

Thieves Tea

  • Hot water
  • 1 drop Thieves essential oil blend 
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil
  • Sweetener of choice.  I use raw honey (I buy mine here)

Heat water until just before boiling. Add your sweetener and oils to a mug. Add hot water and stir. Feel free to make this your own and customize to your liking.

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What are some natural methods you use to maintain your family's health all year long?