Ningxia Red Jellies

I love Ningxia Red like no other drink in the world! It's the highest antioxidant drink on the market. The amount of antioxidant power in just one ounce of Ningxia Red would be equivalant to eating over 800 blueberries!! That's insane! You can imagine the energy you would feel after taking in that amount of antioxidants. Seriously Amazing. 

I gave Ninxia Red to my mother for her energy levels. She had such low energy it was hard for her to move around very much. She drinks Ningxia Red everyday, sometimes twice a day, now she has enough energy to walk the mall 3x! It's changed her life. 

We also give Ningxia Red to our kids. My 7-year old daughter can get tired very easily. Even a trip to the park would make her exhausted. Then her emotions would drop with her energy, sending her into cranky pants mode. Not fun for anyone. Ningxia Red has helped her so much with her energy that she can last a lot longer now. Not saying she doesn't still get cranky, who doesn't every once in a while. But, now I know it's because of something else, and not her low energy. Game changer in our house. 

Young Living has a great recipe to make jellies that make it easy to give to kids on a daily basis. Find the recipe details here