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I'm a California mom of 4 kids. I want to be healthy but also make life simpler for myself! I love drinking bullet-proof coffee, using my InstantPot because "no-time", avoiding laundry like the plague, researching the latest health tips while finding all the ways to make life easier for myself.

After becoming a mom, my life got immensely more complicated. When I found essential oils, I really felt like I found the ultimate mom’s tool kit.

I’ve been the mom who was frustrated and tired when I couldn’t get my child to sleep.

I’ve been the mom who felt so helpless to support my kids’ immune system so they could stay healthy through the winter season.

I’ve been the mom who would be stressed out and found it hard to relax.

I’ve been the wife who felt out of control of her own emotions that she wasn’t being the best wife.

Now, I have confidence because I am equipped with the right tools to help my family with their wellness. I have so much hope after seeing all the positive results in our family. I no longer worry how to handle my kids’ immune systems or their emotions. I no longer feel helpless when it comes to supporting our health.

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