Healthy Teeth for Adults and Kids

My kids have, unfortunately, inherited my bad teeth. I've had cavities since my first dentist visit and it's only gotten worse since. So dental care is extremely important to me and leaving out any potential toxins, like flouride, is also important.

My first discovery was adding a drop of Thieves to my toothpaste. It's a little spicy but it packs a punch and my teeth are no longer sensitive, which is awesome. I knew my kids could not handle the Thieves essential oil in their toothpaste, so I bought the Kid Scents Toothpaste by Young Living. I love that Young Living has applied their famous Thieves blend of essential oils into a non-flouride toothpaste. The kids love it and this bottle has lasted us a long time, with 3 kids using it. 

Young Living also makes two kinds of adult toothpaste that we use as well. I use the adult toothpaste along with some old fashioned oil-pulling to promote a healthy mouth. Love, love, love Young Living toothpaste.

To further promote healthy bones and teeth, there are a few supplements that Young Living offers. Omegagize, Mineral Essence, Super Cal and some Ningxia Red are some great options.

If you are new to essential oils, make sure and read my Intro to Essential Oils page. If you'd like to get plugged into a facebook group to learn more, send me a message.