EASY, DIY WALL-E Costume from Cardboard

This was a costume we did for our first born son, way back in 2009. Now, our 2 youngest kids are loving Wall-E. Seems like Wall-E is a favorite and totally timeless. 


WALL-E is a sweet, quirky, and funny little character that barely says a word. I was inspired to do this costume after researching on flickr. Seeing as we had very little time (procrastinator queen) I modified it to a simple version that we were able to complete in one night. Which is just about as much time I'm willing to spend on a homemade costume.

What You Will Need:

  • Cardboard box to fit your child
  • Extra cardboard for eyes, finger pieces and front panel
  • Yellow Paint
  • Rust Color Paint
  • Silver spray paint
  • Child sunglasses
  • A pair of gloves
  • Colored paper
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors or box cutter
  • Optional: Gray shirt and black pants for your child
Wall-E box



We started with a cardboard box just about the size of our son's body. Ours was a little on the big side. Make sure it is lightweight cardboard as it does get heavy walking around all night with it on (as we learned very quickly).

Measure your child's head and draw a circle a little wider at the top of your box for the head opening. Then draw two more smaller circles on the sides for the arms.

After the holes were cut I began painting most of the box yellow. I used acrylic paint and noticed it flakes off easily if there is any tape left on the box, so make sure to remove any tape or stickers before painting. We had to do a couple coats to completely hide the cardboard.

Once the paint was dry we added duct tape around each opening and along the top edge and along the top of the yellow paint. I spray painted a large rectangle of cardboard to fit to the front of the box as his number panel. I quickly cut and glued on some colored paper in shapes to imitate the lights on his front panel. I had high hopes of hand painting his logo name to the bottom, but I didn't have the time to get it to look right. So, I simply printed it out and glued it to the front. Then I applied more rustic paint to give it the old and worn look.



I used a pair of plastic child sunglasses we had in our dress up box. I drew the WALL-E eye shapes freehand on cardboard. Once I had one eye finished, I used that as a template to trace the second eye so they were identical.

Then, I spray painted them both silver. I measured the sunglasses eye holes to cut holes out of the cardboard. Then, I hot glued them to the glasses. I added two circles of black card stock to the top of the eye opening to give it some extra detail and depth. They worked great and were easy for my son to wear all night.



We found a cheap pair of winter gloves lying around the house. I cut some strips of cardboard for the fingers and duct taped them to the gloves. Two fingers and one thumb. These worked great.


It was such a RAD costume, we had lots of people comment on it and his photo was even featured in the Harvest Carnival newsletter.

For other great costume inspirations, see Le Petite Arbre Pinterest board.

If you make this costume or something similar, please leave a comment and add your link. I'd love to see it.