Easy, DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

Easy, DIY homemade foaming hand soap recipe with labels

It seems like the very product that should keep our hands clean and free of germs actually contain many harmful ingredients. Even brands that have a look that appears as if it is "clean" or "organic" can still contain these harmful ingredients. Sadly, we need to do our own research on each of these companies to find out what's really inside of them. 

Since there are so many different brands out there, I highly encourage you to download the Think Dirty App for your phone and scan your hand soap to see where it lies on the dirty scale. 

Dirty Meter

I scanned my soap and I have never gone back to the brands at the store. This is just one example of a brand that seems to be clean and healthy but is on the "dirty" side of the scale. This brand has many different soaps and they all scanned at different rates, some were lower. So, again, make sure and scan your own soap. 

Mrs. Meyers Liquid hand soap


My foaming hand soap recipe is super easy to make and it's infused with the best NonGMO, no pesticides, no synthetic, high potency essential oils on the market. Side note, essential oils can be just as filled with pesticides as food can, make sure and do your research on where the essential oils come from and how they are grown. Most of the essential oils in the stores are fragrance grade only, which mean they are only meant for scent. All the therapeutic benefits of the plant are gone. 

Even if you're not a diy person, trust me, ANYONE can make this diy homemade foaming hand soap. It only takes 3 ingredients, and one of them is water! For reals? Easy peasy.

If you WANT to add a little moisturizer to your soap, you are welcome to add 1 tsp vitamin E oil or coconut oil. 

There are so many scent variations you can create with your essential oils. Have fun with this recipe, make your own creations. Let me know what other scent combos you have tried and loved in the comments below.


Lemon Lavender Kitchen Soap:
6 drops Lavender
6 drops Lemon

Kids Bathroom Sanitizing Hand Soap:
12 Thieves

Kids Calming Bathroom Soap:
10 drops Stress Away 



Add Soap and essential oils to an empty foaming hand soap dispenser. Fill the remainder with water. Easy Peasy!

Editable & Printable Labels