Spanish Rice Made Easy And Healthy

Anytime I see the ingredient "natural flavoring" I know to run the other way. I learned pretty early on in my life that certain ingredients in processed food would bring me migraines. All the flavored, boxed rice in the store would give me a migraine immediately. Any flavored chips or canned soups also would give me headaches. I am actually thankful, though, because it forced me to learn which ingredients were the culprit and I learned how to cook things from scratch.

This is my favorite Spanish rice recipe. It is super easy, quick and full of good ingredients. My homemade chicken stock is one of my favorite ingredients to incorporate with other meals. It is so versatile, cheap and full of healthy nutrients that you can't get with store bought chicken broth. It's great to support bone health, teeth health, gut health and our immune systems. Which is so important during the winter season. Even picky kids love this rice. It's a great way to get bone broth into my kids, who don't always like to eat soup.

Make sure a read my tutorial on how to make Homemade Chicken Stock before you make the Spanish rice. I promise it makes a HUGE difference in flavor. For rinsing my rice, I use a measuring cup with a lid to strain the water out, like this one.