6 Ways To Relieve Stress!

I use these 3 little bottles AHH-LOT! ALOT! A-LOT! If you're a mommy like me, you can relate, right? Even if you're not a mommy, life can be so stressful. From work, to traffic, to managing a business, struggling with finances, trying to stay healthy and even dealing with relationships can be so stressful.

Studies show that stress can greatly affect your health for the worse. If you're not finding ways to destress, you need to start PRONTO! A few years ago I experienced episodes of anxiety attacks. I didn't feel like I was really stressed, so I took numerous steps to relieve stress from exterior things as well as internal. Here are some great steps to schedule into your day to help you destress:

1: GET SLEEP: I know a few people who can do fine with very little sleep, but for the majority of us, this is HUGE! Sleep can make or break the rest of our day if we don't get enough of it. Set a bedtime routine to wind you down at night. Decide what time you will go to sleep and work backward. Set an alarm if you need a reminder. If you're on the computer at night, like I am, download the f.lux.com app that starts to dim your screen to ease your eyes before bed. 

Essential oils are awesome to support healthy sleep. You can add them to some epsom salts in a night time bath before bed. Turn on the diffuser in your room and add some essential oils that promote a restful sleep. Some that we like are Valor, Lavender, Stress Away and Peace and Calming. Works great for kids too.

2: EXERCISE: This is pretty obvious, but it is not just for weight loss. Exercise detoxes your body of harmful toxins and relieves stress!! You don't have to do major exercise everyday, just incorporate some movement, something, anything! Take a quick walk, park farther away from your destination. Do some squats while you're waiting for something to cook in the kitchen. Do some punches any time you pass the mirror. Make it a habit of something you always do instead of being so still. 

Want to promote healthy muscular system before, during and after exercise? Use PanAway, peppermint, Deep Relief and Copaiba on those muscles after a tough workout. Make a spray bottle with peppermint to cool the body while exercising. 

3. LIMIT THE STRESSFUL SHOWS: This one is personal to each person, so do what's best for you. For me, I found that I was having serious anxiety after watching certain documentaries, stress-filled movies and even the news was too stressful to watch. I had to just stick with light-hearted movies. Seems so limiting, but there's so many cool things to watch out there that I don't miss it. A lot of times my husband and I will end up on YouTube watching our favorites, While They Were Napping (my good friend Heidi), Blimey Cow and Say Good Night Kevin

4: GET OUTDOORS: This definitely can go hand-in-hand with exercise. People who actually get outside and get in the sun (you know good ol' Vitamin D) are healthier overall. This might be a great opportunity to meet some neighbors, discover some nature paths in your area, rekindle the kid in you and marvel at nature. 

5: READ A BOOK! And I don't mean on the kindle or on the computer. The light beaming from your screen actually creates stress on your eyes and can inhibit sleep, especially if right before bed. Get out an old-fashioned book and read. Plus, it's a great alternative to a digital device right before bed. 

6. OILS, OILS, OILS!: Part of my morning routine and through out the day is to put a drop of Joy over my heart and a few drops of Stress Away on my wrists and behind my ears. These are so relaxing and uplifting that I literally look back on my day and say to myself "wow, I was in such a more relaxed mood today." Then there's the amazing Frankincense. I make an amazing skin cream that not only is super good for smoothing and rejuvenating cells in the skin, but it is also relaxing and calming. 

Check out the intro to essential oils page to learn more about how they have helped our lives.