Young Living's compensation plan is one of the most competitive in the industry. Whether you're looking to get your oils and healthy home products paid for each month, or to retire from a six figure job, there is opportunity for you. All you need is your wholesale member number to earn referral income. In fact, a lot of people have earned a paycheck by accident, just by sharing their love of oils.

To earn referral income, you simply need a wholesale account. It's a lot like a Costco wholesale membership, but with Young Living, you actually get a Starter kit full of awesome products with your membership. You can use this membership to receive discounts on product but also to earn extra income.

  1. There is NO contract, you can do as much or as little as you like. You have the complete freedom to go about earning income the way that best fits you.
  2. With Young Living, you have a proven product that you already love. You never have to worry about inventory, no tracking, no shipping on your part. Young Living handles all of that on their side. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SHARE YOUR LINK.

There's absolutely No strings attached, No contracts, No commitments, Cancel at anytime, customer satisfaction gaurunteed.


    • Earn an income based on your level of interest. 
    • Earn $50 for each Premium Starter Kit Sold*
    • Earn 25% of orders placed in the first 3 months after a member enrolls
    • Earn 4-8% commissions on orders placed after 3 months**
    • Earn residual income that could last to retirement and even will to your kids
    • Work from home at your own pace and schedule
    • No income ceiling, the sky is the limit
    • No boss, set your own schedule
    • Take time off and still get paid
    • Relationships - I've met the best people and friends through Young Living
    • Personal Growth 
    • Earn bonuses when your members achieve ranks
    • Earn all-expense paid trips around the world


    Every wholesale member gets a number that also works as your referral number. Anyone who is a wholesale member can earn referral income. 

    Young Living has made it easy for new members to get started with essential oils by creating a Starter Kit. Purchasing the Starter Kit gets you wholesale membership and 24% off ALL of Young Living's over 500 healthy products. Plus, the Premium Starter Kit is over 50% off for new members. Earn the cost of your Starter Kit back when you refer just 3 friends. 

    Once you get your Starter Kit and your wholesale membership, make sure and get on their Rewards program to receive a monthly wellness box each month with your favorite healthy products.


    Want to earn enough to pay for your monthly wellness box?

    • Tell a few friends at work and share some oils or Thieves Cleaner with them.
    • Post on social media about an oil success you had. 
    • Invite interested people to join our Oil Facebook Educational Group to learn more

    Want to earn enough to help pay some bills?

    • Post on your blog or YouTube channel once a week about what you are loving
    • Host a Facebook class a couple times a month with one of our Facebook Class templates. All you need to do is invite your friends.
    • Show your friends how to earn referral income themselves with the methods above.

    Want to earn enough to earn a full time income or even retire your spouse?

    • Set aside some work hours each week to share on your communication outlets (whether on social media platforms or in-person classes)
    • Read up on personal development books and listen to entrepreneur podcasts.
    • Show your friends how to earn referral income themselves with the methods above.
    • Take care of your members and check in via email, text or handwritten notes
    • Send helpful, educational emails to your members
    • Start a Facebook group to post educational material for your members


    First things first, THIS IS NOT a "get-rich-quick" scheme kind of business. Young Living has been in business for over 20 years and our team has grown entirely through regular people (mostly moms) just sharing their personal stories and love for the oils.  We use word-of-mouth, social media, or blogs to share our stories, educational material and recipes with our friends. We do not hound people, bother them or try to turn every friend into a sale. We also do not spam our friends with our business.

    It's the same thing you do every day when you recommend that book you love from Amazon, or the groceries you got from ButcherBox, or the great deal you found on Groupon. 

    See the full Income Disclosure Statement Here

    Although, there have been some unicorns who have made it to the top fast, for the majority it is much like any job and requires some work. With that said, the potential to earn residual income so that you can live a life of freedom is definitely possible.  


    When I first was looking to use essential oils, I was honestly just looking for some healthier options to clean my house with. I was clueless to the world of essential oils. I didn't know what oils to use for what, what brand to use or even what to do with them.  I am so thankful my friend introduced me to Young Living, she was the only one who was helping me learn about essential oils, and I could ask her a ton of questions. I did a ton of research on all the different companies to be sure, and thought I'd give Young Living a try. We purchased the Premium Starter Kit and started seeing benefits right away. 

    I really wanted to get the Premium Starter Kit because it had all the basics to get started using oils and was over 50% off retail, so a super steal of a deal. The only problem was I had no idea how I was going to pay for it at the time. I asked my friend who introduced me to Young Living if I could learn how to earn some referral income to help pay for my Starter Kit. I earned the cost of my Starter Kit in the first 30 days. 



    "I just want to get my kit paid for." That was me when I first started learning about how to earn referral income with Young Living. I already had a freelance graphic design business that was keeping me super busy, along with homeschooling, I didn't have time to take on something more. However, when I started seeing the income potential and all the people that were "accidentally" making money just by sharing their love of oils, I got excited for the potentiality of this business. Working from home is great and does have a lot of freedom to it.

    However, with my freelance job, I was trading my hours for income and if I didn't work, I didn't get paid. In fact, I did a lot of extra work as a business owner that I didn't get paid for. Earning residual income is the key to true financial freedom. This is income that you build up in the beginning of your business that pays off down the road. Where, eventually, we could take a month of work for a family vacation or if there was a family emergency, we could still rely on a check coming in, no matter if we worked or not. THAT is my goal. THAT is true financial freedom. 

    What you will get:

    • A Starter Kit of 11 of the most popular essential oils to use for yourself and your family. 
    • Access to our Essential Oil Educational Facebook group with over 30,000 members
    • Access to our smaller Members Facebook group where we host fun giveaways every month
    • a 54-page online Basics on essential oils book
    • Access to our Business groups where you will get access to free training
    • One-on-one coaching with me
    • Access to graphics, templates and classes to help you spread the word.

    If this sounds like you, let's get you started! The first step is to get your Starter kit!

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