Not being able to sleep is hard – oils are easy!

Not being able to breathe clearly is hard - oils are easy!

Taking time off work to take kids to the doctors with expensive copays and medicine is hard - oils are easy!

Dealing with hormones and up and down emotions is hard - oils are easy!

Let me show you how you can feel confident with quick, easy and all natural tools that are as easy to use as breathing.

My Story

From Stressed and Emotional to Feeling Confident


I’m out here in California with my hubs and 4 kids. If you had met me a few years ago, you’d hear me talk about how I was the mom who was worried and stressed whenever my kids were not feeling well and couldn’t sleep. I was frustrated I had so little tools to help them feel better. I would google health sites, call professionals, visit practitioners. Sadly, I could never find any real solutions, only temporary ones. I was looking for more.

I saw my friend having success keeping her kids healthy with her essential oils and helping with her emotions, so I asked her for help.

We absolutely LOVED them and kept finding new ways to incorporate them into our lives. Bonus, they saved me headache by being so easy to use. I gained confidence in my new skills and the mom stress got less and less.

Now, I help moms learn how to be happier, live healthier so they can live their best life.

The Ditch And Switch Process

Women apply over 300 toxic chemicals to their bodies each day causing possible hormonal,
reproductive, and carcinogenic problems.
The air inside our homes is 2-5x more polluted than the air outside.

From Our Community
We have been using Thieves to support our immune systems which allows us to be consistent in going to mom’s connection every week!! Yay!!
— Rachel B.
Before using Young Living, I was very down, had low energy and was using products that were damaging my liver. My daughter introduced me to essential oils and Ningxia Red and my life is completely different. Thanks to all the healthy products I am feeling better, have more energy and have better clarity.
— Betty K.
The day we got our hands on essential oils, our lives changed. I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep. My kids were constantly feeling bad. My daughter’s digestive system was out of whack. I was a stress case. I ended up finding the best essential oils in the world and had a community to help me use them.
— Kim T.

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What's In the Starter Kit

With 1 Box You Can:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Sleep

  • Support the Immune System

  • Support Your Emotions

  • Support Your Respiratory System

  • Support Your Digestive System

  • Improve Mental Clarity

  • Maintain Healthy Looking Skin

  • Support Joints and Muscles

  • Enjoy Clear Breathing

  • Get Healthy Air Inside Your Home

  • Safe Household Cleaners

What’s included?

  • 12 Essential oils for Everyday Stresses that will give you support for a healthier body and healthy emotions

  • 1 Medical-Grade diffuser to replace air fresheners & plugins

  • 1 packet of concentrate All-Purpose cleaner to replace every household cleaner in your house

  • 2 packets of Ningxia red to replace unhealthy energy drinks

  • Wholesale membership for life - 24% OFF All Of Young Living’s 500 safe and healthy products you can “quick order” whenever you want.

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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils

What You Get When You Join Our Community

  • 100+ Uses For Essential Oils Download

  • A 54-page Online Digital Guide

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Don’t Get Oils With GMO’S, Pesticides, or Thinned Out!

You can literally get essential oils from any store you want. So why Young Living?
Sadly, there is a lot of deception when it comes to the essential oil industry. You can’t trust labels even when it says 100% therapeutic. The majority of essential oils are mass produced with GMO’s, sprayed with toxic pesticides and thinned out with synthetics or alcohol. Then they are distilled at high temperature to get them done faster and cheaper. By the time they get to you, they are only good for smelling... if that. Ask your oil company to SEE their farms, SEE their process and SEE how they distill.
Young Living allows you to visit their farms and distilleries so you can see for yourself.

Also, choose a company that promotes sustainability of these plants! So many companies are harvesting plants for essential oils that some plants are close to extinction. Choose a company that is responsible and ethical in their farming practices so we don’t lose these precious plants forever.

The Young Living Difference - 25 Years of Integrity

NonGMO, No pesticides, No synthetics, No artificial colors, no fragrances, no fillers, no oil brokers, Farm to Family, sustainable farming, reputable 3rd party testing

I’m Excited For You!

Feel free to reach out to me or on Instagram. I can’t wait to connect and help you on your wellness journey.

See you in the groups,



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